SOS – Save Our Species

red_crown_craneRed Crowned Crane – an Endangered Species- photo by Craig Kasnoff

In the simplest terms, the issue of endangered species is about how to save species –plants and animals- from extinction. And that is the focus of SOS -Save Our Species  (SOS). According to the SOS website, the organization is a global coalition initiated by the three founding partners IUCN, GEF and World Bank. It is their goal to build the biggest species conservation fund, supporting on-the-ground field conservation projects all over the world.

SOS says it will combine the resources and funding experience from the World Bank and GEF (Global Environment Facility), the authoritative science of IUCN and the resources and ingenuity of the private sector to create a mechanism that ensures sufficient funding goes to species conservation projects where and when it will have the most impact.

Some of the projects SOS has already embarked on –and completed- include:

* Combating Elephant Poaching in the Gourma Region (Africa)

* Pro-active monitoring and patrolling of the Black Rhino in the Kunene Region (Namibia)

* Sustainably funded community-based conservation of the largest known remaining population of the Francois’ Langur (Vietnam)

SOS is currently funding dozens of projects around the world, in an effort to save species from extinction.

During 2014, the Endangered Earth Journal will follow many of SOS’ projects (as well as projects from other conservation organizations) to better understand exactly what is needed to save endangered species from extinction.

Endangered Earth Journal is Produced by Endangered Species Journalist Craig Kasnoff to Promote the Plight of Endangered Species

and the Efforts to Save Them.