The Scope of The Endangered Species Crisis

I left off in my last journal exploring the question ‘How Many Species Are Endangered.’ And of course to find that out, you need to know how many species there are on Earth, and what percentage of these are in fact endangered species. In my … [Continue reading]

Liz Bennett on Endangered Species

Elizabeth (Liz) Bennett is the Vice President for Species Conservation at the Wildlife Conservation Society. Born in the UK, she went to Nottingham University to read zoology, and then to Cambridge University where she gained her PhD for research on … [Continue reading]

Gary Frazer on Endangered Species

Gary Frazer is the Assistant Director for Endangered Species at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He assumed that position in July 2009, and he is responsible for carrying out policy development and management of all aspects of the Endangered … [Continue reading]

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