SOS – Save Our Species

Red Crowned Crane - an Endangered Species- photo by Craig Kasnoff In the simplest terms, the issue of endangered species is about how to save species –plants and animals- from extinction. And that is the focus of SOS -Save Our Species  … [Read more...]

2014 Journals Start January 5, 2014

The Greater One-Horned Rhino - an Endangered Species - photo by Craig Kasnoff … [Read more...]

About SOS and Jean-Christophe Vié

Jean-Christophe Vié by JC Vié Tomorrow, I will post Part 1 of a three-part interview with Jean-Christophe Vié, Deputy Director of IUCN’s Global Species Programme and Director of SOS - Save Our Species. Therefore, I thought it best to post some background about him, and the SOS program, ahead of time. Especially since his background is to extensive (and so impressive). … [Read more...]

Saving Endangered Species

Last year at this time (Endangered Species Day) I once again started my journal on endangered species (and tigers) with a great deal of enthusiasm and clarity of direction. Well, that lasted about six months with not very many posts. The strategy I had embarked on at the time was to have individuals, well versed in the issue of endangered species (and tigers), respond to interview questions I … [Read more...]

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