Endangered Earth Journal redo

Future endangered species posts will be posted at Endangered Species Journalist. Bagheera and Tigers in Crisis will now have their own blogs. "Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again." Richard Branson … [Read more...]

Bagheera Website Update

The Kagu - an Endangered Species - photo by Craig Kasnoff I am just putting the finishing touches on the new Bagheera website that will launch on Tuesday. Backstory here: Endangered Species Journalist … [Read more...]

Launching New Bagheera.com Website

Over the last month I have been working on redesigning all my (14) endangered species websites. This next week I will be launching the newly designed Bagheera.com website. Bagheera.com is my endangered species educational website and over the last 18 years millions of people have requested millions of pages of information about endangered species. Hopefully this new design will last the next 18 … [Read more...]

Launching Endangered Species Journalist

The Ring-tailed Lemur - an Endangered Species - photo by Craig Kasnoff The Endangered Species Journalist journal is about “backstory.” According to Dictionary.com “backstory” is defined as “a narrative providing a history or background context, especially for a character or situation in a literary work, film, or dramatic series.”  … [Read more...]

Saving Snow Leopards – SOS

The Snow Leopard - an Endangered Species - photo by Craig Kasnoff SOS – Save Our Species (SOS), has funded a series of community-based programs to help save the endangered snow leopards in Pakistan, according to according to Jean-Christophe Vié, Deputy Director of IUCN’s Global Species Programme and Director of SOS.   … [Read more...]

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