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Saving Endangered Species

Last year at this time (Endangered Species Day) I once again started my journal on endangered species (and tigers) with a great deal of enthusiasm and clarity of direction. Well, that lasted about six months with not very many posts. The strategy I had embarked on at the time was to have individuals, well versed in the issue of endangered species (and tigers), respond to interview questions I … [Read more...]

Tom Lovejoy on Endangered Species

INTERVIEW WITH TOM LOVEJOY: Tom Lovejoy has spent most of his life working on conservation issues and trying to save the rainforests. He was Assistant Secretary and Counselor to the Secretary at the Smithsonian Institution, Science Advisor to the Secretary of the Interior, and Executive Vice President of the World Wildlife Fund–U.S. He conceived the idea for the Minimum Critical Size … [Read more...]

The Scope of The Endangered Species Crisis

I left off in my last journal exploring the question ‘How Many Species Are Endangered.’ And of course to find that out, you need to know how many species there are on Earth, and what percentage of these are in fact endangered species. In my December 7, 2011 post I wrote about a recent article published in PLoS Biology which tries to address this question. The authors of the article estimate … [Read more...]

Liz Bennett on Endangered Species

Elizabeth (Liz) Bennett is the Vice President for Species Conservation at the Wildlife Conservation Society. Born in the UK, she went to Nottingham University to read zoology, and then to Cambridge University where she gained her PhD for research on the ecology of primates. She moved to Sarawak, Malaysia in 1984, and worked there for the next 18 years. She started there by conducting the first … [Read more...]

Gary Frazer on Endangered Species

Gary Frazer is the Assistant Director for Endangered Species at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He assumed that position in July 2009, and he is responsible for carrying out policy development and management of all aspects of the Endangered Species program. Frazer started his career with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 1984 as a field biologist in the Ecological Services field office in … [Read more...]

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